About Blog and Blogger

Hello, my name is Phie, this is what my blogger friends call me (you can call me by this name too). I love to read romance genre and Harlequin Romance is all about romance novel I have read.

In the real world, I'm just a woman who works as an IT staff in a Food Manufacturing Consumer Goods company. I am an introvert that's why I really love to cuddle up with a good book while everyone else going out. Hahahaha...

Sometimes I read manga, romance or sport genre, sometimes watching movies with my husband. On Saturday and Sunday, I prefer to sleep until noon (turn off all the alarms) and then read one or two good books..

Love to eat chocolate, especially dark and milk chocolate. Fortunately I don't have diabetes, if you only know how much my money spend for chocolate. Also really really fall in love with Totoro character in My Neighbor Totoro, a Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. Recommended to watch for any kind of ages.

On the other hand, on blogosphere, you can found me really moody based on the review I wrote. If I am happy and excited with the story, there will be some quotes, some pictures (maybe), some emoticons, long long review, and the overall rate will be 4 or 5 hearts. Otherwise, it will be really short and the rate may be just around 2 or 3 hearts.

I like to read review of others and see how they wrote them because everybody has their own style. I'm still trying to find my own. Sometimes I also like to blogwalking just to see how they decorate their blog and implemented here. So, if you find my layout changed, that's because something inspired me :)

Enjoy the blog and don't hesitate to drop comments in any of my review, but don't spamming please. You can also contact me at:
Twitter : @harlequinromance
Email : saphire_sha@yahoo.com
Goodreads : here

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