Vi Keeland - Worth The Fight [MMA Fighters #1]

Title : Worth The Fight
Series : MMA Fighters #1
Author : Vi Keeland
Pages : 378
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Erotica Romance

Publisher : -
Published date : October 2013
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : February 20-22, 2014

It didn’t matter that the ref called it a clean hit. Nico Hunter would never be the same.

Elle has a good life. A job she loves, a great apartment, and the guy she’s been dating for more than two years is a catch and a half. But it’s boring…and she strives to keep it that way. Too many emotions are dangerous. Her own past is living proof of what can happen when you lose control.

Then Nico walks into Elle’s office and everything changes…for both of them. But what can the tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and the beautiful and always steady attorney have in common? A lot more than they bargained for.

He is a fighter.
He knew how to fight in the cage ring. But what happened the year before had made him stop from fighting. Though some people also his trainer, Preach, beg him to go back, he's just not ready. The past still haunted him.

Then he met Elle. The first time he met her, it's pretty clear that Elle has an open relationship with William. But he pursued her.

"And when I look in your eyes I see a little flicker.... And for the last 24 hours all I could think about was what it would take for me to turn that flicker into a flame"

When everything seems to be okay and Nico, for once again, back to the ring, everything began to fall. The past back to haunt them.... This time, there's nothing that Elle could do, so she let him go...

Soooo... the things that I like about Worth The Fight:
First, the cover. It represents Nico very well. Tats along his arm. It's pretty sexy actually :)
Second, Elle's and Nico's pasts which were leaves scars and they found how to deal with them together. It's sweet.
Last, the conversation which are funny, romantic, and sweet.

“I feel like I'm stuck in a bad movie, with a little devil sitting on one shoulder and an angel on the other. But the goddamn devil is twice the size and my angel is a fucking mute. Great, I have a fucking mute angel.” 

What I don't like about this book is the repeating words such as smiles. Almost every chapter in this book, there's a scene when one of the character smile and the other will be smile.
I smile back. I don't have to fake it, it's a real smile.
He smiles, it's a mischievous smile, lopsided smile that makes me think the man is playful.
His crooked smile makes me smile and I lose my train of thought. 
Geez! They made me roll my eyes >,<
Oh, and the word "swell". Argh!

Overall, it's nice and quick reading though several repeating words and scene made me bored :)
MMA Fighters series:
#1 Worth The Fight
#2 Worth The Chance
#3 Worth Forgiving
...on going...


  1. Wah kepengen bacaaaa buku ini, covernya itu jg bikin ga nahan buat baca.... ebooknya beli ya kak... seandainya udah terbit di indo...