Marian Tee - Nick and Lilac

Title : Nick and Lilac
Series : -
Author : Marian Tee
Pages : 399
Genre : Contemporary Romance; New Adult

Publisher : -
Published date : August 2013
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : February 13-15, 2014

20-year-old Lilac York doesn't like to talk. She doesn't like to exist outside her books, and she certainly does not like to be involved with the most notorious playboy in uni. But when the gorgeous and arrogant billionaire Nick Christakos asks her to be his friend, she finds herself saying yes, no matter what “friend” could mean to a serial bed-hopper like Nick. There’s just something about him that draws her, something that makes her think he wouldn't mind if he learned just how broken she was inside.

Nick Christakos is not used to denying himself. But for the sometimes-aloof, sometimes-naïve Lilac he strives to make an exception, doing his best to keep his hands off her even though just one blink of her doll-like eyes has him on fire. With Lilac, he’s not afraid to show the ugliness in him. When she looks at him, Nick almost believes there’s still hope for him to be the man that he used to be.

When another man threatens to take Lilac away, Nick is desperate and selfish enough to pretend he’s fallen in love with Lilac…even though his heart still belongs to the girl who tore him apart.

Have you ever reduce a rating because you have a second thought? That's what happened to me. I almost gave Nick and Lilac a three hearts rating because I enjoy this story. But... when I thought again about the story line, characters, and I thought that errrr... it deserves two hearts.

First, okay, I admit that the romance and the hot scenes made me squirm. I like their interaction, how Nick wanted all Lilac's smile just for him. Sweet? Yeah, I thought so.

Both of them had dark pasts. They tried to heal each other. Being together made the whole world better. Everything's fine. But, what I don't like is how they title their relationship. Just friends with touching, with kissing, and with sex. Or FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Ughhhh...

I don't like it at all because Nick always said "We're just friends" to his friends, to Lilac. I wanna strangled him. He used her. Argghhhhhh... I really wish he said "It's kinda complicated. I wish we were friends, but I wanted her". Will be much much much better.

And then, when someone really like Lilac,persuade her, and treat her the way Nick should, he became berserk. What the hell? And then he told a lie to Lilac to get her back. Geez! Fortunately, at the end, he realized it. He's so lucky to have Lilac.

By the way, I really love this "someone" and he has a book for his story. I hope he found a woman that light his world :)

Overall, the romance, I like it. The story line and the main man character, not so much.

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