J.D. Robb - Purity in Death [In Death #15]

Judul : Purity in Death
Seri : In Death #15
Penulis : J.D. Robb
Halaman : 505
Genre : Suspense Romance

Penerbit : Gramedia
Tanggal Terbit : November 2012
Harga : Rp 48.000,-
Translator : A. Hardi Prasetyo
Editor : -

Tipe buku : Mass market paperback
Status buku : Punya
Periode baca : 13-16 Februari 2014

New York, 2059
Musim panas kali ini sungguh tak tertahankan. Hawa panas tampaknya membuat semua orang jadi gila, tak terkecuali Louis K. Cogburn. Sakit kepalanya luar biasa, dan kian hari kian parah, serasa ada paku mengebor otaknya. Rasanya sungguh menyiksa hingga gesekan kecil saja membuatnya hilang kendali…

Dan memang akhirnya keadaan jadi tak terkendali. Yang tadinya pertengkaran biasa tiba-tiba berubah menjadi pertumpahan darah mengerikan. Dan ketika Letnan Eve Dallas mengambil alih investigasi, tak ada yang dapat menjelaskan kebrutalan Cogburn yang tiba-tiba ataupun pesan aneh di monitor komputer pria itu: KEMURNIAN ABSOLUT TERCAPAI.

Ketika serangkaian kasus serupa terjadi, Eve yakin itu bukan kejahatan biasa. Hasil investigasi Eve membawanya pada kesimpulan paling tak masuk akal: ada virus komputer yang menjangkiti penggunanya. Mungkinkah itu terjadi? Eve tak tahu apakah itu mungkin, namun satu hal yang tahu, ia takkan membiarkan itu terjadi…

Marian Tee - Nick and Lilac

Title : Nick and Lilac
Series : -
Author : Marian Tee
Pages : 399
Genre : Contemporary Romance; New Adult

Publisher : -
Published date : August 2013
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : February 13-15, 2014

20-year-old Lilac York doesn't like to talk. She doesn't like to exist outside her books, and she certainly does not like to be involved with the most notorious playboy in uni. But when the gorgeous and arrogant billionaire Nick Christakos asks her to be his friend, she finds herself saying yes, no matter what “friend” could mean to a serial bed-hopper like Nick. There’s just something about him that draws her, something that makes her think he wouldn't mind if he learned just how broken she was inside.

Nick Christakos is not used to denying himself. But for the sometimes-aloof, sometimes-naïve Lilac he strives to make an exception, doing his best to keep his hands off her even though just one blink of her doll-like eyes has him on fire. With Lilac, he’s not afraid to show the ugliness in him. When she looks at him, Nick almost believes there’s still hope for him to be the man that he used to be.

When another man threatens to take Lilac away, Nick is desperate and selfish enough to pretend he’s fallen in love with Lilac…even though his heart still belongs to the girl who tore him apart.

Diana Palmer - Heartless

Title : Heartless
Series : -
Author : Diana Palmer
Pages : 304
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Publisher : Harlequin
Published date : April 2010
Price : Rp 25.000,-

Edition : Mass Market Paperback
Status : -
Reading Period : February 11-13, 2014

As a teenager, Gracie worshipped her stepbrother, Jason, a strong, silent young cowboy who left home early to seek his fortune. Though Gracie hadn't seen him in years, when her mother passed away, Jason ensured that Gracie would be cared for. Now the wealthy owner of Comanche Wells ranch, Jason has finally come back home, and discovered that the little girl he knew is all grown up.

When a moment of unbridled passion results in a kiss, Jason realizes that he's falling for Gracie. But Gracie harbors a shameful secret that makes her deeply afraid to love. Stung by her rejection, Jason leaves, ready to put the past--and the one woman he can't have--behind him once more.

Teresa Medeiros - After Midnight [Cabot #1]

Judul : After Midnight
Seri : Cabot #1
Penulis : Teresa Medeiros
Halaman : 370
Genre : Historical Romance; Paranormal Romance

Penerbit : Avon
Tanggal Terbit : Agustus 2005
Harga : SGD 2.50

Tipe buku : Mass market paperback
Status buku : Punya
Periode baca : 10-11 Februari 2014

"Our sister is marrying a vampire."

When the ever practical Caroline Cabot first hears those words from the lips of her fanciful youngest sister, she accuses Portia of having a wild imagination.

But when she discovers their sister Vivienne is actually being courted by Adrian Kane, the mysterious viscount rumored to be a vampire, she decides to accept his invitation to a midnight supper and do some sleuthing of her own. To both her delight and her dismay, she soon finds herself falling under Kane's bewitching spell.

After all, what's a proper young lady to do when her sister's suitor arouses more than just her suspicions?

Lori Foster - Never Too Much [Brava Brothers #2]

Title : Never Too Much
Series : Brava Brothers #2
Author : Lori Foster
Pages : 309
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Publisher : Kensington
Published date : December 2003
Price : SGD 2.50

Edition : Mass Market Paperback
Status : Punya
Reading Period : February 9, 2014

He Wanted Her Completely

A confirmed bachelor, Ben Badwin has had his share of women, and he likes them as sexy, wild, and uninhibited as his desires. Nothing at all like the brash, dirt-covered, wholesomely cute woman who just strutted into his diner for a cold drink. But something about Sierra Murphy's independent attitude makes Ben fantasies run wild. He'd love nothing more than to dazzle her with his prized sensual skills...to make her want him as badly as he suddenly wants her...

Sierra has her own plans -- and they don't include getting involved with a notorious Romeo. Fiercely independent, with her own landscaping business to run, she makes it perfectly clear that she doesn't need a man to help her, not even one as sinfully tempting as Ben. But the more Sierra keeps her distance, the more Ben wants her. And the more Ben wants her, the harder it is for Sierra to steer clear of his teasing touches and enticing eyes. To get him into her bed -- and out of her system -- Sierra makes him a proposition: she'll sleep with him, but for one night only. Now, it's up to Ben to turn one night of pure ecstasy into a lifetime of passion...

Jay Crownover - Jet [Marked Men #2]

Title : Jet
Series : Marked Men #2
Author : Jay Crownover
Pages : 416
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Erotica Romance

Publisher : -
Published date : Mei 2013
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : February 7-8, 2014

With his tight leather pants and a sharp edge that makes him dangerous, Jet Keller is every girl’s rock and roll fantasy. But Ayden Cross is done walking on the wild side with bad boys. She doesn’t want to give in to the heat she sees in Jet’s dark, haunted eyes. She’s afraid of getting burned from the sparks of their spontaneous combustion, even as his touch sets her on fire.

Jet can’t resist the Southern Belle with mile-long legs in cowboy boots who defies his every expectation. Yet the closer he feels to Ayden, the less he seems to know her. While he’s tempted to get under her skin and undo her in every way, he knows firsthand what happens to two people with very different ideas about relationships.

Will the blaze burn into an enduring love... or will it consume their dreams and turn them to ashes?

Stephanie Perkins - Anna and The French Kiss [Anna and The French Kiss #1]

Title : Anna and The French Kiss
Series : Anna and The French Kiss #1
Author : Stephanie Perkins
Pages : 372
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Young Adult

Publisher : -
Published date : December 2010
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : February 7-8, 2014

Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris--until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, charming, beautiful, Étienne has it all...including a serious girlfriend.

But in the City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with their long-awaited French kiss?

Olivia Cunning - Tie Me [One Night with Sole Regret #5]

Title : Tie Me
Series : One Night with Sole Regret #5
Author : Olivia Cunning
Pages : 159
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Erotica Romance

Publisher : -
Published date : June 2013
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : February 1-2, 2014

His heart is tied to his past…
When Sole Regret’s rhythm guitarist, Kellen Jamison, vowed to be faithful to his fiancée and love her forever, he meant it. He never expected to lose her to cancer so early in life. He’s certain he’ll never love again, but destiny has another plan for him.

Her heart is tied to her work…
Grammy-winning classical composer and piano virtuoso, Dawn O’Reilly, is overwhelmed with music-writing deadlines, a fickle muse, and high-expectations. She doesn’t have time to find love, but chance seeks to interfere with her carefully devised plans.

They’re bound to become entangled...
From the instant Kellen hears Dawn’s latest musical composition, his spirits rise. The stirring melody and the remarkable woman responsible for its creation are impossible to resist. His attraction is undeniable; her passion unquenchable. Kellen teaches Dawn there’s freedom in bondage, while her sensuality drives him to unleash his tightly controlled self-restraint. Will the ropes Kellen uses to secure Dawn’s body be the force that binds them together or ultimately sever all ties between them?

Olivia Cunning - Touch Me [One Night with Sole Regret #4]

Title : Touch Me
Series : One Night with Sole Regret #4
Author : Olivia Cunning
Pages : 158
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Erotica Romance

Publisher : -
Published date : April 2013
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : Januari 31 - February 1, 2014

He went there looking for a sure bet…
Sole Regret’s bassist, Owen Mitchell, is convinced that romance is for chumps. He’s only looking for a good time, and when he spots an attractive, older woman emitting men-suck vibes at a brand new sex club, he’s sure he’s found it.

She went there hoping to get over her ex-husband…
Successful business woman, Caitlyn Hanson, is still infuriated and hurt over her ex-husband’s affair with a much younger woman. She’s only looking to scrub his claim from her body by offering it to the first attractive man who shows her interest, and the young, hot stud, who just sat down at her table, will do quite nicely.

They never meant to get personal…
Caitlyn knows she’s not supposed to get attached to Owen just because he gives her body pleasure unlike any she’s ever known, but it’s her first one-night-stand and she can’t seem to keep her heart out of the equation. For once, Owen finds himself in the same conundrum. He likes Caitlyn too much to keep his heart at a safe distance, but will a mistake from Owen’s past drive her away forever?

Cuap-cuap: Books in English Reading Challenge (Master Post)

Yeay... Tahun 2014 ini Teh Peni mengadakan Books in English Reading Challenge lagi. Pastinya aku ikutan donk. Untuk yang ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang challenge ini, silakan klik gambar di atas ya untuk ke blognya Teh Peni :)

Target: Intermediate Class
Period: February 2014 - December 2014
Reading List:
  1. Olivia Cunning - Try Me [One Night with Sole Regret #1]
  2. Olivia Cunning - Tempt Me [One Night with Sole Regret #2]
  3. Olivia Cunning - Take Me [One Night with Sole Regret #3]
  4. Olivia Cunning - Touch Me [One Night with Sole Regret #4]
  5. Olivia Cunning - Tie Me [One Night with Sole Regret #5]
  6. Stephanie Perkins - Anna and The French Kiss [Anna and The French Kiss #1]
  7. Jay Crownover - Jet [Marked Men #2]
  8. Lori Foster - Never Too Much [Brava Brothers #2]
  9. Teresa Medeiros - After Midnight [Cabot #1]
  10. Diana Palmer - Heartless
  11. Marian Tee - Nick and Lilac
  12. Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Ain't She Sweet?
  13. Olivia Cunning - Tell Me [One Night with Sole Regret #6]
  14. Wendelin Van Draanen - Flipped
  15. Vi Keeland - Worth The Fight [MMA Fighters #1]
  16. Lisa Valdez - Passion [Passion Quartet #1]
  17. Nina Croft - Blackmailed by The Italian Billionaire
  18. Tracey Garvis-Graves - On The Island [On The Island #1]
  19. Catherine Anderson - Annie's Song
  20. Elizabeth Hoyt The Raven Prince [Princes Trilogy #1]
  21. Elizabeth Hoyt - The Leopard Prince [Princes Trilogy #2]
  22. Elizabeth Hoyt The Serpent Prince [Princes Trilogy #3]
  23. J.R. Ward - Lover Unbound [Black Dagger Brotherhood #5]
  24. Rachel Gibson - Any Man of Mine [Chinooks Hockey Team #6]
  25. Catherine Anderson - Blue Skies [Kendrick/Harrigan/Coulter #4]
  26. J.R. Ward - Lover Enshrined [Black Dagger Brotherhood #6]
  27. Carolyn Jewel - My Dangerous Pleasure [My Immortals #4]
  28. Katie McGarry - Pushing The Limits [Pushing The Limits #1]
  29. Katie McGarry - Dare You To [Pushing The Limits #2]
  30. Lori Foster - Scandalous
  31. Lori Foster - Say No to Joe? [Visitation, South Carolina #1]

Olivia Cunning - Take Me [One Night with Sole Regret #3]

Title : Take Me
Series : One Night with Sole Regret #3
Author : Olivia Cunning
Pages : 226
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Erotica Romance

Publisher : -
Published date : October 2012
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : Januari 23th, 2014

She is one woman he should never touch…

Sole Regret’s enigmatic vocalist, Jacob “Shade” Silverton, is a consummate womanizer, but even he knows better than to get involved with one special woman from his past. Mixing friendship and pleasure can only lead to a broken heart, and he’s suffered enough heartache to swear off relationships for a lifetime.

He is one man she has always desired…

Amanda Lange knows all about Shade’s naughty reputation, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to dive into the gorgeous rock star’s arms and into his bed. She convinces herself that one night of passion won’t complicate their friendship, but can she convince him of that?

They’re both playing with fire.

Neither of them realized how far one kiss would take them. As the flames of their passion ignite with the intensity of an inferno, will either of them escape the experience without being burned or will both be branded fool enough to take a chance on a relationship that was marked for ruin before it even began?

Cuap-cuap : BBI Review Challenge

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Olivia Cunning - Tempt Me [One Night with Sole Regret #2]

Title : Tempt Me
Series : One Night with Sole Regret #2
Author : Olivia Cunning
Pages : 118
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Erotica Romance

Publisher : -
Published date : September 2012
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : Januari 23th, 2014

One more night…

For almost a year, Madison has been Adam’s hook-up every time his band, Sole Regret, tours through Dallas. But in spite of the way he sets her body ablaze with passion, the occasional night of rock-her-world sex isn't enough anymore. She needs a commitment and knows that won’t fit into Adam’s rock-star lifestyle. Madison will take one more hot-and-heavy night with the sexy musician before she cuts all ties with him for good. Even if she must break her own heart to do it.

To tempt him…

Life isn't all bright lights and fan adulation for the lead guitarist for Sole Regret. Madison has seen Adam at his worst and still managed to bring out the best in him. Her cleverly concealed naughty side also brings out the beast in him. He’s never met a more tempting woman in his life.

Madison has no problem tempting Adam into her bed, but can she tempt his heart into taking a chance on love?

Olivia Cunning - Try Me [One Night with Sole Regret #1]

Title : Try Me
Series : One Night with Sole Regret #1
Author : Olivia Cunning
Pages : 85
Genre : Contemporary Romance; Erotica Romance

Publisher : -
Published date : Mei 2013
Price : -

Edition : ebook
Status : -
Reading Period : Januari 20th, 2014

For the five sexy rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard.

Melanie has no desire to meet the members of the rock band, Sole Regret, but her groupie of a best friend gets them both backstage and then rushes off with the band’s lead singer. Left alone at an after party with a bunch of scary tattooed and pierced metal-heads, sheltered Melanie is relieved when the only normal-looking guy in the room insists on keeping her company.

By the time Melanie discovers that Gabe is the band’s drummer and not as normal as she assumed, she has already made a complete fool of herself. She can’t help but be interested in him, not as a rock star, but as the sexiest man she’s ever encountered. Strangely attracted to his hidden tattoos and body piercing, she wonders what it would be like to spend a night with a bad boy.

Gabe is more than willing to show sweet Melanie there’s more to him than meets the eye. All she has to do is try him. Will they only share a single night of passion? Or will their hearts entangle as quickly as their bodies?