Diana Palmer - Wyoming Bold [Wyoming Men #3]

Title : Wyoming Bold
Series : Wyoming Men #3
Author : Diana Palmer
Publisher : Harlequin
Published Date : October 2013
Pages : 352
Genre : Suspense Romance

Wyoming Former border agent Dalton Kirk thought his life was over-literally-when a gang of smugglers left him for dead. Defying all odds, he survives his ordeal and returns to his Wyoming ranch ready to dedicate his future to a more peaceful home on the range. Until lovely Merissa Baker knocks on his door.

Merissa is well aware of her reputation as the local eccentric-she knows things before they happen-and she's had a vision that Dalton is in danger. Even though her beliefs clash with Dalton's cowboy logic, she's determined to save the handsome rancher she's secretly loved forever.

Visions? It's all ridiculous to Dalton...until things start happening that prove Merissa right. And now Dalton is not the only target-so is Merissa. Can Dalton be bold enough to trust the unknown? Is this Wyoming man ready to love?

This ebook I got from netgalley as ARC :)
Sadly, I'm not read this book from the first series, so I couldn't imagine how Dalton's brothers met their wives :'(

Let's move on. The story begin when Dalton met Merissa. All the citizen believes that she's a witch and bring misfortune. But this time, she come to him to give Dalton a warn. She has this vision about someone who want to harm Dalton.

At the beginning, Dalton didn't believe it at all, but when Merissa told one of Dalton's co-worker about the accident that will be happened to him, he slowly believed. And not quite long, what Merissa saw, become a reality.

Together they try to reveal who wished upon Dalton's death....

What can I say, Diana Palmer is one of my favorite authors. But if you want to read her usual romance between the two characters, maybe you'll be a little disappointed.

There's no hate and love between the Merissa and Dalton, all they can see is flowers everywhere, though there's a chapter about how Dalton got jealous. Quite funny :)

What caught me in this story is how Diana Palmer take me into the case. God, I wish I knew who wants Dalton's death. Who kill Merissa's father. WHO???

And I really curious about Carson Lakota! Also about Rourk. Arghhhh.... When will Diana Palmer published about them? I wish soon!
Wyoming Men series:
#1 Wyoming Tough
#2 Wyoming Fierce
#3 Wyoming Bold


  1. wah..buku baru Diana Palmer ya??
    Tapi saya tidak pinta membaca buku import mbak.
    Bahasa Inggris saya pas-pasan..

    Saya tunggu terjemahannya aja deh.

    1. Hai, Atria. Yep, ini karya baru tante Diana Palmer.
      Aku juga bahasa inggrisnya pas-pasan kok, tapi emang mulai dibiasain.
      Kalo ada kata yang gak ngerti, lewatin aja. Hahahahaha..