Patricia Olney - Jade's Gamble

Title : Jade's Gamble
Author : Patricia Olney
Publisher : Loveswept
Published Date : February 2013
Pages : 240 pages
Genre : Contemporary Romance
ARC courtesy by NetGalley

Single mother Jade O’Donnell is desperate. Embroiled in an ugly custody battle, Jade is convinced that being in a committed relationship will up her chances to keep her son. So when the wildly charismatic Trace Banyon walks into her lawyer’s office to inquire about a job, Jade’s willing to bet that he’s the perfect candidate to play the part of loving husband. She just never expects that Trace will steal her heart.

Temptation in the flesh, Trace insists that he will never be tied down in real life. He agrees to Jade’s scheme on one condition: It will mean nothing more than a business deal. But with Jade posing on his arm, Trace can’t help but feel genuine affection—and exhilarating passion. Now his bewitching make-believe wife has the stalwart bachelor considering the two words he has sworn will never pass his lips: “I do.”

Jade O'Donnell membutuhkan suami segera untuk memenangkan hak asuh anaknya. Awalnya, Jade sudah putus asa karena tak ada pria yang berpotensi menjadi suaminya sampai akhirnya dia bertemu dengan Trace.

Trace datang ke kota kecil ini untuk menghilangkan luka lama yang terus menghantuinya. Pagi pertamanya tak menyenangkan karena dia disiram oleh seorang anak kecil. Saat tengah memarahi anak kecil itu, dia bertemu dengan Jade, sang ibu.

Pertemuan pertama mereka memang tak menyenangkan, namun semakin mengenal Jade dan anaknya, Lucas, Trace memutuskan untuk membantu masalah wanita itu dengan mencarikan suami. Namun, siapa yang sangka bahwa ternyata jawaban sebenarnya ada di antara mereka.

Ceritanya simple dan sweet banget tapi berakhir dengan cepat. Aku sedikit berharap bahwa Trace akan bersikap sangat menyulitkan karena masa lalu itu. Tapi semuanya berjalan lancar-lancar saja. Suka sih cara si Trace bersikap posesif terhadap Jade, suka juga cara Trace memperlakukan Lucas.

Jade O'Donnell need husband immediately to win custody of her son. Initially, Jade was desperate because no men who were potential to be her husband until she met with Trace.

Trace came to this small town to get rid of an old wound that continues to haunt him. His first morning was not pleasant because he was doused by a kid. As he was scolding the child, he met Jade, the mother.

Their first meeting was not pleasant, but getting to know Jade and her son, Lucas, Trace decided to help her to find a husband. However, who would have thought that it turned out the real answer was among them.

The story is simple and sweet really but it ended quickly. I hope that Trace would be very difficult because of the past. But everything was run smoothly. I like how Trace being possessive of Jade and also the way he treat Lucas.


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