Brenda Novak - When Lightning Strikes [Whiskey Creek #1]

Title : When Lightning Strikes
Series : Whiskey Creek #1
Author : Brenda Novak
Publisher : Harlequin
Published Date : August 2012
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Source : NetGalley

Simon O'Neal's causing trouble again. And it's up to Gail DeMarco to stop him.

Gail DeMarco left Whiskey Creek, California, to make a name for herself in Los Angeles. Her PR firm has accumulated a roster of A-list clients, including the biggest box office hit of all—sexy and unpredictable Simon O'Neal. But Simon, who's just been through a turbulent divorce, is so busy self-destructing he won't listen to anything she says. She drops him from her list—and he retaliates by taking the rest of her clients with him.

Desperate to save her company, Gail has to humble herself by making a deal with Simon. The one thing he wants is custody of his son, but that's going to require a whole new image. He needs to marry some squeaky-clean girl who'll drag him off to some small, obscure place like Whiskey Creek.

Gail's the only one he can trust. She agrees to become his wife—reluctantly. But she isn't reluctant because he's too hard to like. It's because he's too hard not to love!

English :
Brenda Novak will be up in my list for contemporary romance about family or after-married which I love, along with Robyn Carr, Susan Wiggs, and Sherryl Woods.

Just like Gail, I am not reluctant to Simon, because he's too hard not to love! Many sacrifices and achievements he had done, but he did not give praise to himself for all of that. Furthermore, his attitude to Gail which I consider that I must give two thumbs up. In the middle of his adversity, he was able to distinguish between right and wrong, and he could get out of there.

It also because of Gail's intervention. Gail is a big-heart woman and committed. I'm so happy when she tore down Simon's bad attitude and showed who he really was.

Supporting characters in the story, such as Gail friends and family, created a family atmosphere in the small town. Antagonist role as Bella, wife of Simon, also stirring the emotions, negative emotional. It was irritating when Bella uses Ty to pull Simon back to LA. Grrrrr ...

But there's one thing I'm confused, why the title is When Lightning Strikes? I don't think there's any connection with the lightning. Hmmmm ...

Overall, I love this story. Continue to the second book, When Snow Falls. Luckily get it from NetGalley ^^

Indonesian :
Brenda Novak akan masuk ke dalam list contemporary romance mengenai keluarga atau after-married yang aku sukai, seperti halnya Robyn Carr, Susan Wiggs, dan Sherryl Woods.

Seperti Gail, aku juga gak bisa menolak Simon, he's too hard not to love. Banyak pengorbanan dan pencapaian yang telah dia lakukan, tapi dia tidak memberikan pujian kepada dirinya sendiri untuk semua hal itu. Belum lagi sikapnya kepada Gail yang patut aku acungi jempol. Di tengah-tengah keterpurukannya, dia sanggup membedakan mana yang benar dan salah, dan dia dapat keluar dari keterpurukan tersebut.

Hal itu juga tak lepas dari campur tangan Gail. Gail sendiri menurutku wanita yang berhati besar dan berkomitmen. Senang melihat dia meruntuhkan sikap Simon yang buruk dan menunjukkan siapa pria itu sebenarnya. Hehehhehehe..

Karakter pendukung di dalam cerita ini, seperti sahabat-sahabat Gail dan keluarganya, membuat suasana kekeluargaan di kota kecil semakin terasa. Peran antagonis seperti Bella, istri Simon, juga sangat mengaduk emosi, emosi kesal pastinya. Rasanya gregetan ketika Bella menggunakan Ty untuk menarik Simon pulang ke LA. Grrrrr...

Tapi ada satu hal yang aku bingung, kenapa judulnya When Lightning Strikes? Perasaan gak ada hubungannya sama petir novel ini. Hmmmm...

Overall, suka banget sama cerita ini. Lanjut ke buku kedua, When Snow Falls. Untung dapet dari NetGalley, jadi gak penasaran =)

Whiskey Creek Trilogy series:
#1 When Lightning Strike
#2 When Snow Falls
#3 When Summer Comes

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