Saturday Synopsis #17: Loretta Chase - The Last Hellion [Scoundrels #4]

Hello, Readers!
Kali ini aku mau posting sinopsis yang aku peroleh dari tiap hari Sabtu.
Sinopsis akan dalam bahasa Inggris, jika telah terbit di Indonesia, aku juga akan menyertakan bahasa Indonesianya.
Sinopsis tentunya berasal dari buku yang aku punya (baik paperback maupun ebook).

Pilihan #17 jatuh pada:



Bold journalist Lydia Grenville tackled and publicly bested one of London's most notorious wastrels. Yet it's the dashing aristocrat who broke up the incident that ignites her imagination and sends scandalous thoughts into her head. Amused by the sultry vixen's behavior, Vere Mallory, seventh Duke of Ainswood, vows to teach the unruly woman some humility, but his plot fizzles when the pair go temper-to-temper, sparking the flames of passion in his heart.

Scoundrels series:
#1 The Lion's Daughter
#2 Captives of The Night
#3 Lord of Scoundrels
#4 The Last Hellion

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