Jacquelin Thomas - Five Star Temptation

Title : Five Star Temptation
Author : Jacquelin Thomas
Publisher : Harlequin
Published Date : July 2012
Pages : 224
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Source : NetGalley

He's tempting her in ways  she never imagined... 
Working undercover has its advantages...especially when  Ryan Manning encounters one of the most beautiful women  he's ever seen. The investigative reporter took to the streets of Beverly Hills to expose the plight of the homeless. Now he's installed in Sage Alexander's fabulous luxury resort and spa... being given the royal five-star treatment by the hotel heiress herself!

Something about the tall, handsome stranger in rugged clothing touches Sage's heart. Until she discovers who he really is. Stung by his deception, Sage vows to keep her distance from Ryan. But it's too late. She can't control her feelings-or her passion-for the courageous journalist. Ryan's masquerade is over, but is their love affair just beginning?
“Every woman I know—no matter how successful and ambitious, how financially and emotionally securefeels panic, occasionally coupled with desperation, if she hits thirty and finds herself unmarried.”
That's what R. G. McCall wrote which Sage didn't approve. Yeah, I kinda didn't approve it too though I haven't reached 30 yet =)
But I like how Jacquelin Thomas (JT) built Sage's emotion towards Ryan aka R. G. McCall. Its pretty intense and sweet. Yeah, I know, almost all Harlequin's stories are as sweet as sugar. Hehehhehee..

What I like about this book are the characters, I could feel how they care each other. Love Sage's character which gave Meredith another chance though her brother's had hurt Sage's family. Also love JT's message on this book, never give up on love.

On the other hand, what I didn't like from this book is the twist which was too late to show up. I thought the problem will be occurred in the half of the book, yet it came up nearly in the end.

Overall, it's another quick reading again from Harlequin and I quite enjoyed it ^^

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