Saturday Synopsis #15: Loretta Chase - Captives Of The Night [Scoundrels #2]

Hello, Readers!
Kali ini aku mau posting sinopsis yang aku peroleh dari tiap hari Sabtu.
Sinopsis akan dalam bahasa Inggris, jika telah terbit di Indonesia, aku juga akan menyertakan bahasa Indonesianya.
Sinopsis tentunya berasal dari buku yang aku punya (baik paperback maupun ebook).

Pilihan #15 jatuh pada:


Nine years ago, lovely Leila Beaumont's criminal father died mysteriously. And now her cruel, profligate husband has been murdered -- with innocent Leila suspected of the crime.
Determined to uncover the truth, no matter how unpleasant, the beautiful portrait painter turns to the enigmatic Comte d'Esmond for help -- a mesmerizingly handsome stranger who carefully hides an identity that would shock her... and a past that inextricably intertwines with her own. And though danger unites them, it is desire that chains their hearts -- as d'Esmond's virility and bold, sensuous touch enflame Leila's blood... and draw her into the most irresistible intrigue of all: passionate love...

Scoundrels series:
#1 The Lion's Daughter
#2 Captives of The Night
#3 Lord of Scoundrels
#4 The Last Hellion

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