Saturday Synopsis #14: Loretta Chase - The Lion's Daughter [Scoundrels #1[

Hello, Readers!
Kali ini aku mau posting sinopsis yang aku peroleh dari tiap hari Sabtu.
Sinopsis akan dalam bahasa Inggris, jika telah terbit di Indonesia, aku juga akan menyertakan bahasa Indonesianya.
Sinopsis tentunya berasal dari buku yang aku punya (baik paperback maupun ebook).

Pilihan #14 jatuh pada:


She is Esme Brantmore, a fearless rebel with a tender heart but a temper that runs hotter than her flaming red hair. Secretly determined to avenge her father's death, she is forced to travel with a handsome English wastrel through a harsh and treacherous land.

Varian St. George, an arrogant aristocrat, has gambled away his family fortune and lives on his considerable charm and good looks. Despite Esme's contempt for his selfish, pleasure-seeking ways, Varian's blatant sensuality irresistibly awakens in her a passion that flares hot and sweet. And as their perilous journey draws them closer together, Esme discovers beneath Varian's polished facade a man of honor and courage, struggling to be worthy of her, eager to claim her, and destined to be hers forever.

Scoundrels series:
#1 The Lion's Daughter
#2 Captives of The Night
#3 Lord of Scoundrels
#4 The Last Hellion

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