Michelle Reid - The Tycoon's Bride

Title : The Tycoon's Bride
Author : Michelle Reid
Publisher : Harlequin
Published Date : May 2000
Pages: 192
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Claire was trying to look after her baby sister alone. She was on the verge of taking drastic action when she met Andreas Markopoulou, a sexy Greek tycoon. Andreas offered to marry Claire and adopt Melanie. His adored grandmother longed to hold her great grandchild before she died. It seemed Andreas would go to any lengths to grant his grandmother's wish, even if that meant deceiving everybody -- including his new bride.
This is my first Michelle Reid's novel and I kinda like it.
The story is simple and predictable, the issue was also general for all kind type of Greek men who married a woman with a child. But what I like the most is the main female character, Claire. I love her attitude toward Andreas. This man needed a woman like her who can stood up against and also support him.

Not just Claire, I also found that Andreas amused me. He was tenacity, also totally cared about Claire and Melinda.

But here's the problem, at the end of the book, I thought that there's no need to have another issue. Well, it's okay, but this kind of issue, made me confused and kinda losing the plot.

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