Emma Darcy - The Costrella Conquest

Title : The Costrella Conquest
Author : Emma Darcy
Publisher : Harlequin
Published Date : September 2011
Pages : 256
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Jake Freedman is biding his time before exacting vengeance on the man who destroyed his family. And if a blind date with Costarella's daughter will keep his bitterest enemy sweet, Jake will don his bespoke Italian suit and mask his cynicism with a killer smile.…

Jake's practiced touch hooks the innocent Laura Costarella into a dangerous affair. But the treacherously tempting Laura is the only conquest Jake's ever desired more than the ruination of the Costarellas.

It seems that, in this case, revenge is a dish best served red-hot!
I like the story, although it's flat. Just the same with revenge plot in romance books. But for someone like Emma Darcy, I wish this book is more romantic, tenser, and thicker (hahahhaha.. I love thick books).

Jake is a man that full of vengeance towards Laura's father, so he intended to make a revenge through his daughter. But who knew that he will fall in love to his enemy's daughter?

Laura, on the other hand, didn't know Jake's purpose, but she enjoyed the chemistry between them. When the truth came out, she didn't run. I like her thought and she didn't instantly blame Jake for what he had done to her family.

Overall, nice story and 3 stars is enough for this book.

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