Lisa Marie Rice - Port of Paradise

Title : Port of Paradise
Author : Lisa Marie Rice
Published Year : May 2003
Page : 246

Hope Winston is in Italy running a school for her best friend, Kay Summers. But helping Kay has put her life in danger. Hope doesn't want protection and she doesn't want help. She doesn't want anyone, particularly not devastatingly sexy Capitano Franco Rivers, head of the elite anti-mafia squad. Hope hates cops.

So how did she end up sleeping with one? Hope Winston is the most delectable woman Franco Rivera has ever seen.There's only one problem. Hope keeps sticking her pretty little nose in trouble. She needs a keeper. And Franco Rivera is just the man to keep her...In his bed.
This is my first LMR's book and I like it but not too much because of several reasons.

First, Hope's character. She said that she hated cops, but she slept with Franco easily. Arghhh.... I wish hope that she turned him down first, then Franco will seduce her. But nope, there is none.

Second, too much Franco's inner monologue. However, I like him because he was honest and so possessive. I love possessive man. Hahahahahaha..

On the other hand, this book is sweet and simple, also made me laugh, not just of the main characters conversation, but also the additional characters such us Giuseppe. The romance also steamy..


  1. Hi, great blog you've got here. I fan of Lisa Marie Rice... you should've read her Dangerous or Protectors series. Much better than Port of Paradise.

    1. hi ^^
      thank u for the compliment and suggestion =)
      yes, i have the e-books, but have no time for read any books now T_____________T