Judith McNaught - Double Exposure [Foster #1]

Title : Double Exposure
Serial : Foster #1
Author : Judith McNaught
Published Year : 1996
Genre : Contemporary Romance

After their father died, Corey and Diana collaborate to make "Beautiful Living" magazine to help the family economy. Of course, their mother, grandma, and grandpa involved in it. While mother design the place, grandma with her handicraft, and grandpa on his flowers from his greenhouse, Diana  and Corey took pictures and wrote down for the magazine.

Long time ago, Corey had a crush on Spencer Addison, but that man had broken her heart and turned it in pieces. Corey decided not to think about Spence anymore, she shut her heart door for any men. But, their client, now, is Spence's niece which means she will meet him again.

Spencer Addison still fascinated with his golden girl, but he didn't know that he already broke her heart so bad. When they met for the first time after a long time passed, she acted like she didn't care about him, like he was not there which made him feel furious.

But when he heard from Rose about what he did to her heart, he pledged that he will apologize and make up with her. On the other hand, Corey was not ready to mend and open her heart again. Nevertheless her heart will not mend again if Spence hurt her this time.

I read this novel before I read the next. Yes, you must read this first before you read Remember When. Although this story is in anthology of A Gift of Love and published after Remember When.

For me, this novel had fast pace yet still amused me because the characters were so emotional. I understood about Corey's attitude towards Spence. I also got my thumbs up for Spence's persistence to convince Corey about his feelings and that he will not break her heart again.

All in all, this light novel taught me that I must believe in my heart. So, if you have something you want in your heart, chase for it =)
Even though the result maybe not satisfied you, but you will feel relieve because you try d(^o^)b


  1. nice review Phie... :)
    you know, i always want to write my review in English. but everytime i started it my mind became blank. i feel no confidence with my writing result :(

  2. @Rie:
    Thank you ^^
    Yeah, I feel the same too when I wrote this review, there are several times when I didn't know what should I wrote.
    Just take a chance and never give up. Next time, your review should be better =)
    Believe in yourselff, Rie. You can do it. Banzaaiiii d(^o^)b